Profit From Nifty Options – Art Of Doing Nothing PDF Download

NIFTY options are the most traded in India’s stock market. There are many theories and strategies to make money from options trading, but most do not work.

Hey, why read the complications when a simple method can do the trick?

Traders’ goal is to earn profit from, a Ph.D. in trading. I don’t want to take a degree.

This book explains straightforwardly how to make money from NIFTY options trading without bothering with much analysis.

This simple method works for traders – almost no input is required. That’s why its name is – Art Of Doing Nothing.

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  • NIFTY options are the most traded contracts in India’s stock market.
  • There are numerous theories and strategies to profit from options trading, but many prove ineffective.
  • Simplify your approach; why complicate matters when a straightforward method suffices?
  • Traders aim for profits, not a Ph.D. in trading. Complexity is unnecessary.
  • This book offers a straightforward explanation of how to profit from NIFTY options trading without excessive analysis.
  • The method outlined in this book requires minimal input from traders, hence its moniker – Art Of Doing Nothing.

Profit From Nifty Options – Art Of Doing Nothing PDF Download

Some popular highlights in this book are

We have bought deep-in-the-money CALL options in NIFTY. These options work like futures trades if the market goes up. If there is a big fall, the loss is limited to the amount of the premium. Yes, you are right. We have bought costly options.

But the margin of these futures trades is less than money and if the trade goes well then the profit is also similar.

In real trading, it is difficult to survive the loss. During this time, we give up our beliefs, make mistakes and even stop doing what we should do.

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About the book author:

Pramod Kumar

I retired from my Civil Engineering career at the age of 60 and devoted time to writing on and my blog

I want to communicate to anyone who wants to read that Options Trading is not as complex as it is made out to be. The second point was that option buying can also be profitable.

Well, readers liked my posts.

One thing gave birth to a second one and in June 2021, I published my first book on Amazon — PROFIT FROM NIFTY OPTIONS — ART OF DOING NOTHING.

In September 2021, another book — MORE PROFIT FROM NIFTY OPTIONS — ART OF DOING NOTHING was published.

Now I am working on the second book which will complete the NIFTY OPTIONS BOOKS trilogy.

I am an onlooker of the market and notice the good and bad moves.

One thing about my books is that they keep things simple and the next few books will continue the same theme.

Apart from my time to write, I also conduct Options Trading Classes from time to time.

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